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When Chaël sets off to produce a new song, he gets in the zone: “It’s a kind of rush”, he says about his process, often starting with vocals and an acoustic element such as the guitar. What follows is a kind of free-spiraling of creativity, with Chaël adding and removing elements, traversing borders without ever losing touch with electronic music – and coming out on the other side with some of the most exciting songs the genre currently has to offer. The atmospheric of deep house, the catchiness of pop, the organic of singer-songwriter – his inspiring productions bear traces of all that. Born in Switzerland and raised in Germany, with family roots in South Korea, versatility is essentially part of his DNA. Trying himself in various classical instruments throughout his youth, Chaël eventually discovered electronic music. “Making music is what drives me. It feels good and is fun,” he says. „Beyond that, however, I always hope to bring something positive to other people as well, whatever that means for the individual listener.“ Chaël’s highlights to date include the single „Don’t Speak,“ released in 2020, with more than 15 million streams, more than 700k Shazams and a top 10 placement in Russia. And that was just the beginning. The next sonic rush might be happening this very minute.



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